216 Zevulun St., Kiryat Ata.
2 Zvulun St., PO Box 76, Kiryat Ata, Israel
Phone: +972 4 8729360
              +972 4 8721536
Fax:       +972 4 8412438
Email: fermet@zahav.net.il

      Welcome To Fermet
     Steel & Metal Works LTD.


Fermet is a sand casting foundry with the ability to give fast, professional
and high-quality castings.

Our foundry casts steel and other special Metals (see
Casting Material Table) with consideration of the customer's needs and specification requirements from the product.

Fermet is capable of applying the sand casting technology to the products, starting with the first manufacture technique, through the casting method until achieving the best product.

The range of our customers (see
 Customers List) includes the Chemical, Valves and Pumps, Cement and Electrical industries.



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